Back-to-School Year Info

Welcome back Pioneers!

Please click this link for a welcome back video from your Oak Ridge High School administration team .


As you begin to view your schedule, we would like to provide the opportunity to submit necessary adjustments. Please see below.

Please be aware that we are only changing schedules for the following reasons at this time:

  1. You already took a specific course on your schedule.
  2. You need a course that is NOT on your schedule in order to graduate.
  3. You want a more rigorous course (ex. Honors to AP).

Click here to submit a schedule change request.


Fall 2020 Choice Registration

Please take a moment to view Ms. Bellinger's video describing each of the three Back-to-School choices

Thank you for your patience as we work through reopening our schools. We realize there are no easy answers.

The School Board is seeking a waiver from the state to allow local discretion over when schools open face-to-face based on local data. In the meantime, August 21st is our tentative start date for students. Keep in mind that all plans are fluid and we will keep you informed of future adjustments.

Please Review the following three models before making your selection:

Innovative: OCPS [email protected]
Orange County Virtual School (OCVS)

To maximize safety efforts, we encourage selecting OCPS [email protected] if you can manage keeping your child at home.

Additional information is available on the Reopening Plan site.

Please complete this brief form for each child who will be enrolled in OCPS for the Fall 2020 semester. Information will be collected and shared with the selected school so leaders can begin planning.

Note: You will need your child's Student ID if they were enrolled in OCPS last year (2019-20). The 10-digit Student ID is the username to log into an OCPS computer or LaunchPad. If you do not know the Student ID, please contact your child's school during work hours on Monday through Thursday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. For students new to OCPS, you will not need to enter a Student ID. 

Charter schools and Career and Technical Education (CTE) sites have their own separate reopening plans. Visit the Charter Schools or the Orange Technical College page for more information.

Please access student Back-To-School option selection and registration here: Back-To-School Selection and Registration