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Vision Statement

The Hospitality Management Magnet Program provides sound academic preparation for high school, college and beyond, while affording valuable career readiness experiences in the field of hospitality management. Students will be immersed in a rigorous academic core coupled with a variety of career-relevant electives. The curriculum is complemented by student involvement in real-world work experiences such as career-site field trips, job-shadowing, mentor programs, and internships.

Endless Opportunities

· Field Trips: Our field trips are strategically planned to enhance the student’s learning experience. Stepping outside of the classroom, and into a magnificent hotel, seeing the behind the scenes of a theme park, or sitting side by side hospitality students from other high schools in a work shop or symposium are all inspiring and memorable experiences.

· Mentoring Opportunities: Our industry partners make themselves available to our students. They work with our students through classroom speaking engagements. They also provide guidance about careers and job opportunities, and assist students with interview techniques.

· Guest Speakers: Expect many guest speakers in this program. College recruiters, hotel general managers, former students, community service specialists, financial literacy managers, industry professionals, are all examples of how we bring the industry to the classroom.

· Internships and Job Shadowing: Classroom discussions are important, but real life work experience is immeasurable. We work with our partners to provide student shadow and internship opportunities to take the class study to the next level.

Requirements for Admission

1. Complete the online OCPS Magnet application

2. Minimum 2.5 GPA

3. Strong school attendance record

4. Positive behavior record

National Academy Foundation

The National Academy Foundation’s (NAF) Academies of Hospitality & Tourism help students chart career paths in one of the world’s largest industries.


Our curriculum engages students through a series of career exploration courses. All courses use project-based learning techniques with an emphasis on strengthening literacy, project management, leadership, and team building skills while also fostering creativity and innovation. 

College and Career Readiness

In addition to studying career-focused curriculum and working on collaborative projects, students gain critical career knowledge through a series of work-based learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. These activities include job shadowing, mock interviews, resume writing workshops, and culminate with a compensated internship. Local business partners work with educators to provide these opportunities that round out students’ education. By serving on advisory boards and as mentors, business partners provide a real world connection to academy coursework which helps students understand the pathways to career success.

NAF’s student certification assessment system validates successful course completion, projects, and internships. By receiving a passing score on End-of-Course exams and satisfactory scores on the project and internship assessments, students earn a NAF credential signifying to post-secondary institutions and employers that the student is both college and career ready.

Graduates of NAF academies complete college faster, earn more, and have stronger ties to the communities than their peers.

Benefits of the Program

Students who participate in the Hospitality Management Magnet Program will have the opportunity to experience or receive the following:

• Classroom and enrichment activities

• Students graduate from the program with multiple industry certifications.

• Career related extra-curricular activities and volunteer opportunities

• Field trip opportunities and site visits

• Job shadowing

• Internships

• Scholarships

• Mentoring

• Guest Speakers



For more information about the Hospitality Management Magnet email:

Ms. Erin Mantor
Lead Hospitality Management Teacher
[email protected]

Jared Herretes
Magnet Coordinator
[email protected]


Classes Include:

Intro to Hospitality
Lodging Principles
Lodging Applications
Hospitality & Tourism On The Job Training 

Curricular Documents

FDOE Hospitality Program Outline.pdf

Hospitality Magnet Brochure.pdf

NAF Academy Presentation.pdf 

Magnet Course Progression.pdf