Mr. Pedlow

Hello, I’m Mr. Pedlow. I currently teacher Creative Photography 1 and  2, and AP 2d Digital Photography. My classes are the crossover between fine arts and technology . The students will learn proper camera usage and the process of untouching and creation in Photoshop.

Instructor Newsome

How’s it going everybody!  My name is Newsome and I am the Ceramics/Sculpture Instructor at Oak Ridge High School.  I graduated from North Carolina School of the Arts in 2007 and have been teaching now for 8 years.  Students in my class go through a variety of sculpture and artistically related forms of problem solving to build their creativity and imagination.  In Ceramics 1 we cover the basics of the art form and the skills that are needed to construct simple 3-dimensional projects. In ceramics 2 and 3 we expand on that knowledge and the projects grow in size as well as utilizing the potters wheel.  Looking forward to a great year; Pioneers Lead the Way!

Ronald Godwin

Hello! I am Ronald Godwin and I am the 2-D Art 1, 2-D Art 2 and Advanced Placement Drawing teacher at Oak Ridge High School. I have been teaching for close to 10 years. I attended the University of Central Florida from 2007-2009 majoring in Art Education. I am looking forward to working with the students at Oak Ridge and watching them explore and grow over the years. Students will experience a variety of projects and activities that are not just based on artistic skill. The courses will expand upon their knowledge of art and will touch on techniques, history, and much more. I would like to thank you in advance for your support and hope for a fun and creative school year.

Marianna Romany


Hello! My name is Marianna Romany and I teach all levels of 3D Art here at Oak Ridge High School! I am looking forward to working with the students this upcoming year. Not only will we be going through some art history and touching upon different cultures around the world, but we will also be creating projects that the people of those cultures actually create in their homeland! Get ready to learn a variety of skills as we sail through all levels of the 3D Art course. These skills include but are not limited to: learning how to sew, learning to carve plaster, learning how to dye materials, sculpting, etc. Believing that you can create something is the first step, joining my series of courses is the second. Let’s create some fabulous work to display at Oak Ridge’s Artist Showcase!