Principals Page

Friday, April 21, 2023

ORHS Community Member,

We have a little over a month left of the 2022-2023 school year with the last day of school, May 26th, quickly approaching! I know our Pioneers are looking forward to the summer, but I encourage every student to stay focused through the end of the semester. Revisit the goals you set out for the school year and for all of 2023 today. Make every remaining school day count. When it comes to sticking to your goals, there is a well known expression to keep in mind: "If you don't stay focused on your goals, you will spend your life achieving the dreams of other people—particularly those who are goal-oriented." Keep up the momentum Pioneers!

As we are now well into the 4th nine-week quarter, we continue to celebrate some of our Pioneers' many and varied successes in this issue—especially from our senior class. We just don't have the space here to include everyone, but our community should know that the success stories you see below are popping up all over at this time of year as the efforts put forth by our Pioneers beginning last August pay off. 

For those of our Pioneers attending Prom tomorrow evening, have a wonderful time and enjoy yourselves!

Thank you for reading.

In Pioneer Pride,

Mr. Alvarado
Oak Ridge High School