Career & Technical Education


Orange County Tech Colleges together with Orange County High Schools provide students with the opportunity to enroll in technical college classes while taking required academic courses at the home high school. 

Students typically earn three credits per year by enrolling in a three-hour technical program at one of the tech colleges. Students who have completed credits in comparable technical courses at their high schools may be given credit for those competencies, enabling them to begin their technical program at an advanced level. School bus transportation is provided from the high school to the tech college and back to the high school. 

Students receive industry-level training in work-environment labs. Dual enrollment students are exempt from paying tuition, but there will be a $40-$60 supply fees charged for participation in the technical programs.

Minimum Requirements:

· Entering the 11th or 12th grade

· At least 16 years old by the time school starts

· Good attendance and discipline record

· 2.0 unweighted GPA

· On track for graduation

· Room in schedule for 3 elective credits - Consult with your Guidance Counselor.

Application Process:

· Attend the informational meeting

· Stop by Career Specialist’s office to tell him/her that you are interested.

· Complete a Dual Enrollment application and return it to the Career Specialist

· Attend an orientation/tour (field trip) at the tech center you are applying to

· Complete a Parent/Guardian permission forms with all signatures and return to the Career Specialist

For more information about Orange County Tech College, please visit the web site, #forstudentsnotprofits


For more information contact:

Ms. Jasmine Morgan-Graham

407-852-3200 x6102282
[email protected]