Buy Your Yearbook!

Order Your Yearbook Today

The 2019 Pathfinder, Oak Ridge's annual yearbook, is on sale now. But time is running out. Thursday, Jan. 31 is the last day to order the yearbook.

There will be no copies for sale AT ALL after Jan. 31. So hurry and buy your copy today! 

How to Place Your Order
You can order your yearbook by cash or check by visiting Mr. White's classroom, 6-311, The price is $65. You may make payments of $10 or more. But you must pay off the balance by Jan. 31.

If you won't be on campus, you can mail your payment in the form of cash or a check to:
Oak Ridge High School
c/o Pathfinder Yearbook
700 W. Oak Ridge Road
Orlando, FL 32809

Make checks payable to Oak Ridge High School.

To Pay By Card
To buy a yearbook with a credit or debit card, please visit